This Clock.

She's So Bright - This Clock

It’s rare that I get excited about a clock, but I have been searching for years to find this perfect bedside table accessory. In comes the Arne Jacobsen alarm clock, effectively the most beautiful clock I’ve …

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The Paper Art of Chloé Fleury

She's So Bright - The Paper Art of Chloé Fleury

Paper has always been a favorite medium of mine (see greeting cards), but it never ceases to amaze me how artists find new ways of using it to create magnificent works of art. Enter Chloé Fleury, the L.A. …

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Designing My Wedding Invitations

She's So Bright - Designing My Wedding Invitations

I’ve designed, illustrated and completed more wedding invitations than I can count. From the time I was a letterpress apprentice, moving my first bit of type around in illustrator, to running my own company and producing …

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