Today is A Perfect Day!

She's So Bright - Today is the Perfect Day

A few months back I shared this article in a 6 Links collection titled Tomorrow is a Very Big Day. It is a first-person account of the day’s events while noting how important tomorrow is – …

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6 Links to Brighten Your Week

She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week, May 21, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I am having some serious Royal Wedding withdrawal. Symptoms include reading as many articles about the event as I can find, looking at pictures from the day, and crying tears …

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Thoughts for the Weekend

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend, May 19th 2018

What a wacky week! Full of rain, 80 MPH winds and a few days with a blackout, I’m glad we’re through the worst of it – though there’s still several more days of rain to come. …

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That Time We Stood On Lava

She's So Bright - That Time We Stood on Lava

Since the great volcano of Kilauea is now spewing mountains of lava all over unsuspecting suburban homes, I thought I’d share with you my tale of coming as close to the molten goo as I dared. …

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Peeling the Orange

She's So Bright - Peeling the Orange

Catherine trailed her fingers on the curling edges of damp lettuce leaves. A few pieces of sandy wetness clung to her skin as she considered each bushel for freshness. It was her favorite Sunday morning tradition …

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