A Hike Through Wyoming’s Fall Color

A Hike Through Wyoming’s Fall Color - She's So Bright, Travel, Autumn, Colors, Wanderlust, Adventure, Outdoors, Hiking, Camping, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons

Until my visit to Wyoming, I’m not sure I had ever really experienced fall. Of course, I’ve seen the colors change here on the east coast, but something about the trees in Grand Teton National Park …

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A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend

A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend - She's So Bright, Travel, Opinion, Colorful Pastels, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Wanderlust, Morning

Landscape photography is really hard. You rely heavily on the weather, have to plan your shots ahead of time, and have to get lucky with the sunrise or sunset (depending on what you’re going for). It’s …

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The Vibrant Colors of Autumn

The Colorful Wonders of Fall - She's So Bright, Fall, Fall Colors, Autumn, Rainbow, Leaves, Trees

I am so excited for it to be October that I’m literally squealing with delight. My favorite season is upon us and while it’s the shortest of them all, it’s easily the most glorious. This year, …

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