Why I am So Excited for Leon Bridges New Album

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She's So Bright - Why I am So Excited for Leon Bridge’s New Album
Leon, looking so sharp! Copyright Leon Bridges.

Where do I even start when writing about my favorite singer?

I’ve wanted to post about Leon Bridges for almost a year now, but I wasn’t sure how to describe what I feel when listening to his songs. To put it simply, no modern singer has captured my heart quite like Leon. And since his new album comes out TODAY (check it out on iTunes!), I thought it’d be the perfect time to share his work!

She's So Bright - Why I am So Excited for Leon Bridge’s New Album
The new album! Check it out here!
She's So Bright - Why I am So Excited for Leon Bridge’s New Album
Such a perfect record and cover!

I talk about listening to oldies often enough, but Bridges sound is the perfect cocktail of old and new. He has a beautiful, smooth voice that reminds me of Sam Cooke, and soulful lyrics that embrace Doo-wop, with the versatility, beats, and modern twist of R&B. And everything from his dress to his music videos, the cut of his hair to the type of microphone he uses, calls back to a dapper 1950’s era. I can’t listen to his song Rivers without bursting into tears. Check out the video below, along with a few other favorites.

And Coming Home is positively old school:

As is Smooth Sailing:

And here’s Bad Bad News from his new album:

I could listen to these songs on repeat, all day, every day. Leon Bridges is poised to be a longtime talent, and I’m thrilled to listen to his new album in full! But forget iTunes, I need to pick this up on vinyl for sure!

Order Bridges album here, and check out his previous one, Coming Home, here! And for more about Leon, click here to check out his website, and here for a recent GQ article! Who are you listening to these days?

Press image via The Apollo. Album images via Amazon (1 & 2).

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