To All My Ladies: Happy International Women’s Day!

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She's So Bright - To All My Ladies: Happy International Women’s Day!

A few weeks back, I was lying on the heated table of my acupuncturist’s office, settling my thoughts into a relaxed state. After pouring my latest stresses into her ear, I was full of gratitude to have a smart, compassionate woman helping me work through the emotional and physical pain of the week. With every needle, my mind became fuzzier, and I realized that not only was a grateful to her, but to the huge army of women who have been there for me in my life, before and beyond.

Each woman, from doctors, to nail technicians, therapists, and Pilates instructors, have put me back together again every time I’ve needed help. I’m thankful to my wonderful sisters, whose wisdom and fearlessness have always been a compass for me. To my Mother, fierce and loving, ever an ally, a conspirator, and feminist. I’m grateful for female friends who I have grappled to my heart through our many years of growing up. To be surrounded by such amazing, intelligent, exceptional, brilliant, beautiful, and strong women is a privilege, and to be supported and loved by them is humbling.

On this International Women’s Day, I think it’s imperative to show support for the women in your life and the women who are on the frontline of change. Let’s hold each other up, support each others’ work, champion women’s causes, and keep up the fight for equality.

And to all the women out there: You Go Girl!

This year’s theme for IWD is #PressforProgress. Join me in taking a quick pledge about what you can do to press for progress for gender parity. This year I chose to celebrate women’s achievements! Share your action with me in the comments below!

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