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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend, January 25, 2018
Jon’s pic of the Big Apple

You ever feel like you’re sucking on stale air or something? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately: working hard, staying inside and breathing that same old, dry air. It’s time I shake up my system and get out a little bit, which is why I am planning on taking in New York City for the weekend!

While I could never live in New York (cities don’t have enough green for me), I admire the lifestyle. The hustle and bustle can be energizing for an afternoon, the food is fantastic, and it’s a mecca for a people-watching-weirdo like me. Two of my sisters live in NYC (Upper West Side & Brooklyn), so I don’t have much of an excuse not to be traveling the 20 minutes in, visiting my nephews, grabbing deep-dish pizza at Emmy Squared or a 1,000 calorie cookie at Levain Bakery. It’s just that, sigh, it really stinks in the cold. I love walking around the city, but when it’s 30 degrees…not so much!

However, it’s warming up this weekend, so now I have no excuse not to pop in, enjoy the day and head on home, sated and full of city life.

I want to, finally, get over to Sézane, the beautiful French-owned boutique in Nolita that’s full of colorful sweaters and shoes that I will, without a doubt, overspend on. I also have got my eye on a possible camera upgrade (so exciting!!), so I want to do a little research at my favorite electronics store, B&H, to see all the possibilities. But most of all, I need a good brisk visit to the city to recharge, excite and motivate me, as only New York City can!

And here’s a few other things that have made me really happy this week. This article on 10 Simple Life Hacks is funny, true, and helpful. Have you ever heard of the one minute rule? “Here’s the deal: if something takes less than a minute to complete, do it right then and there. Without much effort, the one minute rule will simultaneously clean up your life and psyche.” Or how about the advice: “Find a Sauna. Sit in it.” Yeah, this is a list that you have to read.

I also wanted to share this incredible video from the NYTimes. Incredible because it’s profoundly moving to watch the director explore his relationship with his complicated, deceased father. It is also a masterpiece of stop-motion photography, using the mountain of objects that once made up his Dad’s life. It’s a beautiful story about understanding and loss. Oh, and the title is hilarious. I give you, My Dead Dad’s Porno Tape’s:

May you have an absolutely wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to embrace your loved ones, sit in a sauna, and get outside for some fresh air (but that’s probably more for me than it is for you!). Have a great one!

And what do you have planned for the weekend? Tell me in the comments below!

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