Thoughts For A Friday

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She's So Bright - Thoughts for a Friday
Photo by Boston Pollen

Is it just me, or does it feel like the weeks are already rolling by? It’s only January 12th, and yet, it’s ALREADY JANUARY 12th! Surely by now, your New Years goals should be near completion (I finished mine a few days ago), and you’ve already exceeded all of your expectations for the year. GO YOU! I’m obviously just kidding, but doesn’t it feel like we put a little too much pressure on ourselves? I’m often feeling a little behind, and that’s already the case at the starting gun of 2018.

My week’s been a little rough – I’ve been battling regular headaches and neck tension which has left me feeling sluggish and under a quaint little cloud. Thankfully all of that has just been relieved by an extreme cupping session. If you’ve never tried, seen or heard of cupping, well it’s a weird thing where you heat little glass cups (hence the name) and apply them to your skin. The vacuum creates an incredibly strong suction that some people believe heals infections and helps with blood flow. For me, it’s been the one thing that has really helped release tension and muscle tightness in my shoulders. But it looks like someone has taken their fists to your back – a minor inconvenience for the sweet release of months of stressors.

And so that’s how I’m starting my weekend: bruised to a pulp, but on the mend, and enjoying every minute of my loose neck and shoulders. With brunch plans, book plans, and days ahead in pain-free bliss, I’m pretty happy.

And I’d like to wish you an awesome weekend! Wrap up your day, take yourself out for a drink, and enjoy the fact that we’re no longer in a bomb cyclone. It doesn’t get much better! Have a great one! <3

Photo by Boston Pollen, via.

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