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She's So Bright - Some Daze

Some weeks are impossible to get a grasp on. Well that’s been true for this one. I have my theories of what it’s all about, but it’d be nice to know if it happens to you too…

Lately I’ve been reading too much sad news, absorbing a lot of stress from friends and family, visiting unmarked graves of relatives I never knew, and trying but failing to carve out uninterrupted time. These things silently crept into my psyche and have made me feel bogged down, distracted and a little dazed.

Remember last week when I said I was going to binge watch The Keepers, Netflix’s newest crime documentary? (It’s about a murdered nun way back in the late 60’s). Well, I think I bit off more than I could chew because that show was a deep, dark, unresolved hole that left me undeniably frustrated. And rather than spewing theories and considering potential motives like I have with other crime investigations, when I finished the last episode I nearly cried myself to sleep. It seemed to be the final drop that caused my resilience to crumble.

It can be cathartic to have a good cry, or an emotional release, but I guess I took my deep well of tolerance for granted. I don’t usually worry or get stressed often, so I’m always surprised when I’m overwhelmed by it. I’m taking the time I need to untangle my thoughts, but I have half a mind to stick my nose in a romance novel and call it a week.

How do you deal with a build up of stress? Does it come out unexpectedly? Or can you feel when you’re taking on too much?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post from Santa Fe! And if you’re wondering about that whole grave thing, it’s a long story, but one I hope to share it with you soon! Photo via.

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