Happy Fourth of July!

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She's So Bright - Happy Fourth of July!
Model in white shark-skin swimsuit by Jantzen, white straw sailor hat worn over polka-dotted scarf hat, both by Betmar. Photographed by Leombruno Bodi in 1955.

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that you remember so well as a kid. From pool parties and summer picnics, to sitting under the fireworks at a nearby park with friends. It’s the official start to the summer in my book! I don’t have any plans other than finding Dirty Dancing somewhere on cable, but we may try to see a nearby fireworks show doused in bug spray (Jon is my mosquito human shield and always gets bitten first, poor guy).

I hope you find the time to get out to the beach, ride a few waves, eat a hotdog and light a sparkler! This holiday is about pure summer pleasures in their simplest form – oh, and something about the founding of our country. May your Fourth of July be full of star-spangled cups, smoky clouds of barbecue and half-melted ice cream sandwiches. It’s simply the best!

Photo courtesy of Vintage Everyday

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