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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend end of June

Well, it started. My nutrition overhaul I mean. And as I reheated some homemade pizza last night for Jon and sat down to a kale salad of my own, I felt pretty good. It’s been 24 hours, and I’ve already had two kale salads. My stomach hasn’t yet figured out what to do with all those greens, but as I’ve eaten reliably in the past day I can tell you I’m sustaining energy much better and am feeling really awake. After several sluggish days, I feel a big difference. I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage to eat mostly greens for the next two weeks while I “detox,” or rather cut out nearly everything that isn’t a fruit or vegetable, but I’ve gotten through the first day and it wasn’t hard at all. Famous last words.

But enough about that! I thought I’d share some portraits from our morning at the iris gardens that didn’t work out. The sky was overcast and my dress clashed too much with the flowers, but Jon used a particular portrait lens that really caught my eye when going back through the catalog, so I decided to spend some time editing them. We’re still experimenting on what’s the right kind of photography style for She’s So Bright, but hopefully you’ll agree that the photos have been improving – I’m working hard to get better and to deliver a style that’s unique to this site!

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend end of June

So, while this dress wasn’t a good fit for the busyness of the garden, I’m glad I’m still sharing it because it’s super comfortable! I wore it for our family Easter celebration a few months back and have found it perfect for summer. As with all simple, well fitting dresses, they’re easy to throw on and breezy in the hot weather.

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend end of June

And now that I have a bit more energy, I’ve been catching up on some things that have been hanging over me for a while. I have a massive collection of paper samples and letterpress ephemera that needs sorting and tossing as it’s just taking up space in my closet (more on that later). I also have a few blog projects that have been sitting on my desk and needing action. So hopefully the change in my diet will give me some momentum into the weekend to get all those things done!

I hope you start your weekend off right by eating well, seeing friends, and enjoying plenty of time of fun in the sun! Have a great one!

Outfit details: Yumi Kim Dress, Dolce Vita Slides, Cult Gaia Bag, Janessa Leone Hat

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