Lately on Instagram

I used to have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. You know some of my thoughts from this article, which resonated with the blogger and creative community. But something’s changed. I’ve seemed to have turned a corner …

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An Irrational Fear Of Seaweed

We all have our fears: spiders, being murdered in our sleep, coming into work late, or forgetting that critical project in high school. They’re all pretty normal things to find scary, but lately, I’ve noticed that …

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Life as of Late

You’ve probably noticed how little I’ve been posting lately, and it’s not because I’ve given up on this blog. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, I’ve gone further into my writing. Readers who follow me on …

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The Finicky Reality of Inspiration

The Finicky Reality of Inspiration - She's So Bright, Opinion Piece, Creativity, Essay, Illustration, Calliope, Muse, Featured Image

I’m convinced every creative person experiences inspiration differently. Some people’s imagination is sparked by visual stimulation that gets them reacting and making things in response, while others can take a walk outside and find the answers …

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Two Roads, or Maybe Three

Two Roads, or Maybe Three - She's So Bright, Opinion, Illustration, Graphic, Thoughts, Robert Frost, Two Roads, Life, Destiny

Winding paths have been on my mind. Specifically, those moments in our lives where we can look back and see where the fork was in the road. We make decisions in these moments hoping they’ll bring …

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