Peeling the Orange

She's So Bright - Peeling the Orange

Catherine trailed her fingers on the curling edges of damp lettuce leaves. A few pieces of sandy wetness clung to her skin as she considered each bushel for freshness. It was her favorite Sunday morning tradition …

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Do You Believe in True Love?

She's So Bright - Do You Believe in True Love. Painting by Francois-Henri Galland

As it’s February, the topic of love is everywhere. I’ve been reading countless articles about finding love, not being loved, Tinder dates, divorces, et al., and this question has been on my mind. I don’t really talk much …

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A Detective Story

She's So Bright - A Detective Story

I loved this photo series Jon took of me in Montreal, but rather than just posting the pictures on their own, I thought it’d be fun to write a little page turning story to go along with …

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