Do You Believe in True Love?

She's So Bright - Do You Believe in True Love. Painting by Francois-Henri Galland

As it’s February, the topic of love is everywhere. I’ve been reading countless articles about finding love, not being loved, Tinder dates, divorces, et al., and this question has been on my mind. I don’t really talk much …

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A Wedding in France

She's So Bright - A Wedding in France

Today is my one year wedding anniversary and I am thrilled to finally share photos from our celebration in Louveciennes! Thank you to our wonderful friends and families who came from all over the world to …

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10 Things to Know About Ernie

She's So Bright - 10 Things to Know About Ernie

Some of my friends and many of my family members know about our cat Ernie. He’s a black and white tuxedo, with a tough attitude, and despite being rather unfriendly, time and again he charms his …

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