Don’t Forget to Vote!

She's So Bright - Go Vote!

If you haven’t already, make sure you stop by your polling place TODAY and make your voice heard! We may be on our honeymoon in Japan, but our hearts our with every person at the polls. …

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The Vibrant Colors of Autumn

The Colorful Wonders of Fall - She's So Bright, Fall, Fall Colors, Autumn, Rainbow, Leaves, Trees

I am so excited for it to be October that I’m literally squealing with delight. My favorite season is upon us and while it’s the shortest of them all, it’s easily the most glorious. This year, …

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The Dark Side of Creativity

The Dark Side of Creativity - Article by She's So Bright. Vintage, Portrait, Moody, Sadness, Dark, Tear, Jewels

Making things, in my opinion, is one of the most fulfilling occupations you can do in life. Whether it’s expressing yourself through art, building cars, or creating products, it’s the satisfaction of making something out of …

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