A Pair of Hearty Lenses

There’s something about the smell of old things — used things — that can be addictive. Perhaps it’s a person’s residual presence, the way their hand held that item for years, or the scent of their …

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At Sea in My Creativity

Everyone’s creativity works in different ways. Some people’s creativity becomes a trickling spring after digging through a well of inspiration. Others take their dreams and turn them into realities one sketch at a time (Karl Lagerfeld …

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This Artist.

She's So Bright - Serge Marshennikov's Beautiful Paintings

I’m not someone who necessarily seeks out painted works, but when I see a style that captivates my heart, I can’t help but fall in love. Serge Marshennikov’s pieces are like that – easy to fall …

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This Painting.

She's So Bright - This Painting, by Lino Lago via Colossal

I’m not such a huge fan of modern art, opting to look at a great photograph or impressionistic painting instead. A lot of the time I simply don’t get it and am left scratching my head …

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