Petals of Gratitude

I know it hasn’t been that long since I shared my last collection of flower photographs, but I was inspired by a truly stunning Thanksgiving table display made by my friend, and florist, Anna Coy of …

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A Bouquet of Abstracts

A few weeks ago, my husband gave me a beautiful bouquet for our anniversary. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also gifted me with two brand new camera accessories: a macro lens that allows me …

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A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend

A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend - She's So Bright, Travel, Opinion, Colorful Pastels, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Wanderlust, Morning

Landscape photography is really hard. You rely heavily on the weather, have to plan your shots ahead of time, and have to get lucky with the sunrise or sunset (depending on what you’re going for). It’s …

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