Don’t Feel Bad…

She's So Bright - Things you should never feel sorry about graphic. Handwritten, motivational list.

I’ve been thinking how often we’re made to feel bad, sorry, ashamed or embarrassed by the things that we do, even if our intentions are good and in the right place. Well, here’s a list of …

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What Does a Full Moon Mean to You?

She's So Bright - What Does a Full Moon Mean to You? Coyote/Wolf howling at the moon. Stay wild, moon child.

With a family full of scientists and a husband who’s often skeptical, you can hardly expect me to get away with “WooWoo,” feel-good beliefs. But I do! From my love of the occult to an urge …

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Where Does the Time Go?

She's So Bright - Where Does the Time Go?

As I sit here staring at my computer, it’s already 2:34 in the afternoon and I’m left asking myself the same question I ponder most days: Where does the time go? I have constantly wondered why …

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Today is A Perfect Day!

She's So Bright - Today is the Perfect Day

A few months back I shared this article in a 6 Links collection titled Tomorrow is a Very Big Day. It is a first-person account of the day’s events while noting how important tomorrow is – …

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On Luck

She's So Bright - On Luck

Do you believe in luck? I do. And for a long time, I didn’t really think I had much of it. Of course, that was when I was young, and wanted desperately to win little raffles, …

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