The Hierarchy of Halloween Candy

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The Hierarchy of Halloween Candy - She's So Bright, Opinion, Funny, Illustration, Halloween, Fall, Candy Ranking, Graphic, Hand Drawn

As an absolute candy lover growing up (I’ve got the dentist bills to prove it), I can undoubtedly say all candy is not created equal. Some sweets are better than others, and while we all have our different preferences, the above illustration is mine.

The funniest thing about this list is that Jon’s favorites are candies I’ll never eat! While I hate Almond Joy (UGH COCONUT) and Whoppers, which are little chocolate malt balls (YUCK), he loves them. So for Halloween, be strategic, and find yourself a friend or lover who’ll eat all the candy you hate!

What does your candy hierarchy look like? Share your favorite treats and the ones you’d toss in the comments below!

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