Pow! Bam! A Wonder Woman Weekend

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Pow! Bam! A Wonder Woman Weekend - She's So Bright. Cosplay, Halloween, Gal Gadot Lookalike, Maker
I know this photo isn’t of the highest quality (it’s from my iPhone 6), but I love it so much! I took it while I was mid-way through my Wonder Woman build last year.

This weekend I have two events as Wonder Woman, and while I’m super excited to wear my costume, I always get nervous about it. It’s a silly stage-fright thing that I’ve always had, but try as I might I’m never able to shake it thoroughly. At the same time, I know it’s important to push myself, so while I’d prefer to hide behind an elaborate mask, I’m going to bravely be my fabulous Wonder Woman self all weekend!

Today is the first time I’ll be attending New York City’s Comic Con, a huge event that takes over the entire Javits Center. I’ve seen the convention afar, from a Manhattan high-rise, as robed sorcerers, colorful wigs, and stormtroopers have paraded their way down 11th Avenue. It should be an exciting day, and I’m not entirely sure what to expect! On Sunday, I’m participating in a charity event to raise money for a local hospital’s NICU. Perhaps Wonder Woman will bring a little joy to the kids and families attending! (Follow my stories on Instagram if you want to see my costume and more from the events!)

In other news, I have about a zillion images from Wyoming to go through, and I’m still recovering from the intensity of the trip. The food was heavy (steak, pizza, and a lot of MEAT) and we had a rigorous schedule, despite a few mornings when I slept in (AKA didn’t wake up at 5 am). I’m determined to get back on track with eating, rest away the little cold I’ve picked up, and feel a bit more energized.

Jackson Hole was an absolute delight, and I cannot wait to share all the views and stories from this spectacular region! It was more beautiful than I ever expected and it was very hard to leave. Beautiful places always inspire me, so I would have liked to stay a few extra days in order to find a breathtaking view, sit with a hot drink, and write up a storm. But I suppose it will have to wait to do that for the next time we visit! We’ve got other travels coming up soon, so this month will be quite a whirlwind.

By the way, Monday is Indigenous People’s Day! I will be taking off in solidarity, and also because I need a quick break! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday, with many more stories to share. I hope you have a great weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? And by the way, I love recommendations, so be sure to share things you’re reading, watching or buying with me below!

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