Duffles fit for a Weekend Excursion

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She's So Bright - Duffles fit for the Weekend

Nothing makes me giddier than the idea of taking a weekend. There’s something about packing for a short trip, hopping in the car, and coasting through a Sunday in the country. And what better represents that life than the weekender duffle bag?

Check out some of my bag picks that will have you drooling to take a few days off!

1. Baggu Weekend Bag – Simple, striped canvas that makes the think of Italian towels on the Riviera, this classic bag is accessible and affordable.

2. Madewell Transport Weekender – Nothing makes me ache for travel like a buttery soft duffle in a color like English Saddle. Swoon! I’ve got my eye on this monogrammable guy, also available in a stylish black.

3. Ban.do Getaway Duffle – Might as well say a little something with your travel bag. I love this vintage 70’s look. It’s inexpensive, fun and even has a multitude of matching accessories available!

4. The Hershel Novel – With its own little shoe compartment, this bag makes me want to shout Vive La France! The dark color allows you to bang it up a bit, and the leather handle details say I’m going places.

5. Filson Duffle – A weekend bag fit for a cowboy (as this one is too!), this bag has my heart aflutter with dusty, booted men heading out to the ranch. No wonder I’m eager to get to Wyoming!

6. Louis Vuitton Keepall – The epitome of weekend glamour, this classic LV bag should be tucked into a vintage Jaguar and headed to the Berkshires. Here I go daydreaming again…

7. Zimmermann Beach Bag – My beloved brand has started adding bags to their dress repertoire. How gorgeous is this printed canvas?! Makes me want to weekend at the beaches in Charleston for sure.

8. Mossimo Weekender Bag – This cute, super affordable shoulder bag isn’t just for your niece! The metallic pink harkens to a Barbie gym bag I used to own and is colorfully sweet.

9. L.L.Bean Large Tote – I had about three of these in college which I used regularly. Customizable in size and color, these classic totes are always great for a preppy trip to the Cape!

10. Ban.do Paradiso Duffle – A Lovely little bag to toss in the car before heading to your beach house. And how cute is that pattern?

And there you go! If those don’t make you hungry for travel I don’t know what will. Jon isn’t so much of a weekend vacation person, rather a let’s-go-for-two-weeks kind of man. Clearly, I don’t mind, but I’m all about those short trips with nothing much to do at all. But, maybe if I get this bag and monogram it, he won’t be able to say no!

What kind of bag do you like to use when traveling?

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