Peach Pizza, Floating Trash and Ernestine!

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She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week, May 7, 2018

This week it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to find things to share with you! While it certainly lacks in cute, baby animals, it makes up for it in charisma. Enjoy!

1. Chanel’s new healthy glow tinted moisturizer is my ideal product for a luminous summer look.

2. Burrata cheese is in season, and I’ve got just the pizza recipe to try – with peaches too!

3. A photographer finds beauty amid the ocean’s floating trash.

4. Women with extreme habits – though Ernestine is undoubtedly the most awesome!

5. Mandy Moore’s guest room is better than most people’s entire home.

6. Do you single space or double space after a period? Read this article to find out which is correct!

I absolutely adore all these links! While I’m hoping to make that pizza recipe with next week’s farmer’s market haul, I’ve got to get my hands on that new Chanel moisturizer. I am always looking for easy products with high SPF, and their skincare/makeup line tends to be one of few that keep my skin flawless. Radiance and shine here I come! And how awesome is Ernestine? I’m in awe of her motivation, her love for her late sister, and particularly, the three D’s: Determined. Dedicated. Disciplined. With those you can accomplish anything for sure!

I’ll have to share that last article with my mother because a few weeks back I was helping her with an email and noticed her double spaces after each sentence. I nearly gasped! It turns out it’s not such a big deal. From a graphic design standpoint, I completely understand that single space is the only way to go. BUT, from a theater background, I think a double space gives your thoughts a little more pause at the end of a sentence.  A little breath, if you will.  If nothing else, read that article for the hilarious typographic gymnastics that the author goes through to argue his point.

So, if you’re a double spacer or a single spacer, enjoy your week, be kind to others, and revel in the beauty of everyday things – even if it’s just a colorful piece of trash!

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