My Accessory Picks for the Chicest Planting Season

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I’m really excited about the warm weather heading our way this weekend. But, I’m even more excited for what that warm weather will get me doing: placing a slew of flowers in my terrace planters. The best way to make it enjoyable and easy is to have great equipment – and it’s even better if it’s cute! So, here are some of my chic gardening picks to make your planting season better, and even if you don’t have a garden or care to get your hands in the dirt, I’m sure there’s something in here even for you!

1. Copper Plant Markers – I love the vintage style of these, not to mention they’re super practical for herbs.

2. Haws Watering Can – This gorgeous, large-sized watering can gives you the most control when irrigating your plants.

3. Janessa Leone Hat – Because I already established a few days ago that you need a chic hat for gardening!

4. Cotton Bandana – Useful for wiping your neck and head after hours in the sun, or to tie your hair back.

5. Set of Planting Tools – I really like the green steel finish of these tools and the fact that they’re made by a reputable company in Jolly Ol’ England makes it even better.

6. Flexible Tub – Super useful for throwing refuse, dirt or clippings into. Been needing one of these for over a year!

7. French Urn – I love weathered pottery – it gives your home an estate feel and makes flowers look amazing.

8. Clippers – Essential, unless you’d rather ruin a good pair of scissors.

9. Another Janessa Leone Hat – While it may not offer much sun coverage, this is an adorable hat and should be worn in the garden.

10. Palisades Chair – A foldable rattan chair for taking breaks with lemonade and a sandwich.

11. Blanket – I suppose this isn’t essential for gardening, but if you’re going to be outside, you might as well have a place to have a picnic, a pad for kneeling on, or to keep you cozy when sitting in your lawn chair during a break.

12. Gardening Gloves – I used to think you didn’t need long gloves, but short ones ALWAYS get dirt inside them, especially when I’m using them. These will also allow you to reach into bushes and shrubs without getting scraped up.

And there you have it! A cute selection for when you’re keeping your outdoor spaces even cuter!

Are you doing any planting this year or do you stick to indoor plants? Share with me in the comments below!

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