Still Hibernating…

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She's So Bright - Still Hibernating
Can someone make me a scarf or sweater in that minty yarn? Amazing knits in awesome colors via Wool and the Gang’s Instagram!

I’m giving myself a snow day today!

I helped a friend move, and so, as a reward, I decided I should sit by the fire with a hot tea and a good book during this latest snow storm. That, and I ran out of time to edit a suite of New Orleans photos yesterday. Oh well! I’m trying to give myself better deadlines and more reasonable hours because apparently writing a post until 1 a.m. is not healthy (or so my husband tells me). But I’m capitalizing on the snow, and I guess weekly blizzards are going to be a thing now? It’s only the beginning of spring, after all, but who would have guessed it!?

There is nothing better than a big cozy knit sweater, stretchy pants, and big wooly socks accompanied by hot tea and a good book (I’m reading this one, if you’re curious). So I’m not really that mad if it’s still cold. I think any weather where you can be cozy is good weather, and reason enough to be happy. My favorite hygge weather is winter frost, a chilly mist in the fall, or even those summer nights when the heat breaks into cool thunderstorms. I have a particularly fond memory of a crisp July drizzle in the English countryside where I found myself in a Canadian hot tub (i.e. a cedar barrel). Unexpected pleasures like that give me the biggest thrill when the weather is less than desirable.

So, I hope your boss gave you the day off, but if you’re bearing the brisk air, stay cozy!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day? P.S. If I were a knitter, this company would be my favorite for sure. I’m also a big fan of Kool and the Gang, so it works in a few ways.

Image courtesy of Wool and the Gang.

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