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She's So Bright - 6 Links To Brighten Your Week, February 20, 2018

Yesterday was President’s Day, so like most every other American, I took the day off. It left me wondering if that’s something bloggers are supposed to do or not. I didn’t know, but I thought it’s good to get you all used to my true nature by now, that I don’t shrink away from giving myself a long weekend. But I’ll be sure to use them sparingly. So as today is our Monday, here are some great things to get your week off right!

1. Recently discovered this Instagram that finds a way to tell stories with everyday household things – it’s creativity at its best.

2. Good ideas to help you be a better artist this year.

3. I am this person who tells other people their horoscopes whether they want to hear them or not.

4. After seeing awful pieces, I had pretty much sworn off collages as an art, but it was before I had seen these stunning ones by Katy Edling.

5. A weird X-Files photoshoot that you can’t unsee.

6. A couple goes off social media for a month, and this is what happens.

I have to admit, I have been caught reading a Pieces horoscope to a reluctant Jon when my thumbs begin to wander through the apps of my iPhone and land on Daily Horoscope. If the day’s lesson is not accurate, I skip to the next in search of something relevant, moving, or authentic. They also make my scientist sister a little nuts, so I’ll sometimes text her a lengthy prediction, just to ruffle a few feathers. (In case you’re wondering, she doesn’t buy it). I’ve always loved fortunes tellers and horoscopes – there’s something encouraging and spine-tingling when you believe the stars have aligned.

And there you have it, six things that don’t really challenge your brain, so much as align your stars for a good week. Hope it’s a great one!

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