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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend February 15, 2018

Hey Internet friends! How’s your week been? I’ve been in my head a little more than usual, but that’s okay – it’s giving me some demons to beat back, which is always a good way to get stronger and more resilient. Just finding that silver lining!

How was your Valentine’s day? Jon ended up making me fondu and bought me a delicious little fruit tart, which I promptly ate half of, but nothing more exciting than that. While being my own Valentine, I finished a book and enjoyed this charcoal peeling mask (does it do anything? I don’t know), so overall I consider the holiday quite successful.

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend February 15, 2018

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend February 15, 2018

Lately, it has been so gloomy, that when I pulled out my new camera to find something fun to photograph for this post, I was left with a big blank sky and a whole lot of dead leaves. But I found inspiration indoors while misting my hanging plant in the gorgeous golden-hour light. It’s amazing how grey everything is outside right now, so it’s no surprise that I’ve turned inside to find a little bit of natural color. This is always the roughest part of the winter – post-holidays, pre birthdays – just waiting for spring to come back and greet us again! I feel like I need to be I Dream of Jeanie blinked onto a desert island for a few hours to soak up the sun. Where’s my magic lamp when I need it?

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend February 15, 2018

In other news, I have been into Girl Boss Radio – have you listened? I’ve heard such mixed things about Sophia Amoruso, but I’ve never read/listened/seen her and didn’t know what to think. After playing the first few episodes of this podcast, however, I’m feeling inspired and motivated – totally onboard the Girl Boss train. If you have time, I suggest listening to the first episode with Charlize Theron!

I indulged a bit of shopping urges this week and bought a bunch of sweaters from Sézane, but I’m most excited about this new design which is covered in embroidered flowers. I also picked up this little diffuser that I plan to use with these essential oils from A Beautiful Mess. I’m looking forward to huffing on lemongrass while I work next week – let’s just hope Jon doesn’t pay much mind because his desk is not 5 feet from my own and I could see him wondering: what is that smell?

And did you catch this article about Lena Denham’s hysterectomy at 31? She’s been struggling with endometritis for nine years, and finally decided to kiss her uterus goodbye. I also loved this Man Repeller article about career mistakes, and this one from A Pair & A Spare about how to plan a renovation (I think it applies to most any decorating project, big or small). Just some interesting reads to get you thinking, laughing and inspired.

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend February 15, 2018
Just a friendly reminder

I hope you have a fabulous long weekend! I’ll be watching more of the Olympics for sure, drinking a ton of tea, and trying to catch up on emails. Whatever you’re up to, be sure to enjoy it!

What are your plans for President’s Day weekend? Share with me in the comments below! And as always, please feel free to pass on any book, tv, or article recommendations you think I might like.

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