A Hat I Can’t Quite Figure Out

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She's So Bright - Where Does One Wear This Hat?

While researching this post a few weeks ago on the newest hats I’m adding to my wishlist, I came across this very peculiar hat design, and I had to share it. The model looks lovely, but this hat has left me completely puzzled. Where would you wear a hat like this? I thought perhaps one would don it when attending a funeral in Brooklyn, or maybe a wedding! And then I considered a dressed down/urban look at the Kentucky Derby. Otherwise, I have no idea! It’s half-off, so apparently, buyers can’t figure out the occasion either! What do you think?

Under what circumstances would you wear this hat? Share your ideas in the comments! And I love most of Jennifer Behr’s other head toppers, so check out some of her gorgeous work below.

Photo via Net-A-Porter.

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