Thoughts For the Weekend

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Thoughts For the Weekend
Jon on a frozen lake

This cold, snowy week has been one of the best in a long time. I’ve been on top of my workouts and feeling so happy and energized. This time last year, I was always talking about looking forward to warm weather and the sun coming back. But now, in the dead of winter, I feel so bright and motivated, with positivity flowing through my veins it’s as if my blood vessels were little white daisies. When you have low days or any pain, you feel the great days so much more, and lately, I’ve been floating on a cloud!

It was an unusual and special week in other ways too! Our iPhone puzzle game, Patchmania, had a crazy explosion of downloads in China (click here to download it on the app store). Somehow it went viral, and we saw a flood of new players after it had been relatively quiet for the past few years. The internet works in mysterious ways – people find things at different times, in all different parts of the world. It has been very encouraging to see this game continue to be enjoyed by so many people, and it’s brought a lot of unexpected joy to the week!

In other happy news – we booked our next trip to a place I love so much: New Orleans! It’ll be a long drive down there (12 hours!!!), but I’m already thinking about the beignets and how we’re going to spend our time. I love Louisiana, and I can’t wait to discover more of Nola!

And did you like the photo above? Jon went out in the snowstorm to a New York state park and snapped the self-portrait on a frozen lake. I love it so much! And even though he has to wake up in the early morning and spend all day in the cold, he continues to go out to photograph each week. His enthusiasm inspires me, and I hope it motivates you to get out there and do more of what you love!

Speaking of love – I also discovered that the first official romance novel bookstore, The Ripped Bodice, has opened in Los Angeles after being funded on Kickstarter! As a lover (teehee) of romance novels, this makes me happy in so many ways. One day I will set foot within its hallowed walls, and perhaps it will be there that you’d find a book that I, myself, have written!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend! May it bring you good fortune, a little bit closer to happiness, and a whole lot of love. I’ll be getting back to my Zelda addiction, catching up with my oldest friends, celebrating my nephew’s first birthday, and finishing up some reading!

What will you be up to?

Please be sure to share any suggestions you might have for New Orleans below!! I’d love to know your favorite places! And if you’d like to read about my last visit there, click here!

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