Counting Down The Top Five Posts of 2017

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She's So Bright - Top Five Posts of 2017

As we await midnight and finish the fondu, I am counting down the best posts of the year! Check out the top five articles below:

She's So Bright - Where in the World Do You Come From?

5. Where in the World Do You Come From?

This post, about my genetic background, was one of my absolute favorites to research and write. In the past year I’ve learned so much about my family, where we’ve come from, and how close we all are. Read the full essay here!

She's So Bright - Eva & Jon's Wedding on Snippet & Ink

4. Our Wedding on Snippet & Ink

I shared some of our wedding photos on the gorgeous blog Snippet & Ink. I answered a lot of questions about planning a wedding abroad, designing my wedding invitations, and our ceremony. Read the post here!

She's So Bright - A Walk Through the Iris Gardens

3. A Walk Through the Iris Gardens

My hometown has the largest Iris garden in the world, so I made sure to catch the short bloom in late May! The flowers are so colorful and stunning, it’s no wonder people enjoyed it. Read the post here.

She's So Bright - A Wedding in France

2. A Wedding in France

A compilation of photos from our whole wedding day! As the #2 most poplar post of the year, and the second one about my wedding, I guess you guys kind of liked celebrating along with me! Check out all the photos here.

She's So Bright - Becoming Wonder Woman

1. Becoming Wonder Woman

It’s no surprise that the number one post of the year was the one I spent the most time on! This costume took me two months and many hours of work to put together, but it was such a fun and exciting adventure. I’m so glad you all liked it as much as I did. See the whole post here!

Well there you have it, the top five posts of 2017! And now I have to go do the real countdown to 2018!

Which post was your favorite of the year? Share with me in the comments below! And Happy New Year!

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