My Weekend Is Looking Like…

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She's So Bright - Weekend Got Me Like...
Well…not exactly like this, but close enough! Image by Ana Markovych.

It has been a very rough week of feeling under the weather and being perpetually behind on all my plans (and I still haven’t finished my gift buying!). But, we leave for Paris soon, so I can’t be all that upset about anything because I’m sure I’ll feel on cloud nine in a few days time. While I’m trying to get myself ready for the trip, I’m also hoping to snag a few hours to catch up on emails, tidying, errands, and a whole lot of reading.

I’ve got two books I’m itching to get started (this one, and this one) and I know that once I begin I’ll want to just binge read them all the way through. But what’s better than sitting by the fire while reading? Nothing! Which is why I’m hibernating inside during these very cold days under my delightfully snug pink blanket. The warmth from the fire brings color back into my cheeks, helps with a sore neck, and makes me giddy with happiness as I sit surrounded by Christmas decorations and the smell of pine needles. My in-laws have a spectacular fireplace in Paris, so I’m excited to transplant myself in front of theirs in due time.

And have you heard about the New Yorker short story that has gone viral? If you’re curious, read Cat Person here, along with this wonderful corresponding article and comments. It’s basically the story of a college girl who meets an older man and their brief, rather ordinary relationship. And yet, there’s so much more to this story than that…

I also enjoyed this article on taking time off social media (a month in the Maldives sounds incredible!), as well as this uplifting story of the Oakland Buddha! There are so many great things to read and learn on the internet, don’t you think? Just never enough time to read everything!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend of sleeping in, fixing pancakes, making Christmas cookies, or catching up on all the Netflix shows left to watch (I’m talking about you Alias Grace!). Whatever you find yourself getting up to, I hope it’s cheerful, cozy and bright! <3

Photo via the very talented Ukranian Instagramer Ana Markovych – follow her here!

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