Hey Weekend! Can You Hear Me?

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She's So Bright - Hello Weekend Can You Hear Me?

The past two weeks have been a bit crazy, with doctor’s appointments, early (or late) Christmas shopping depending on how you look at it, plus there never seems to be enough time in the day! My to do list has only grown as each day goes by and I’m recognizing that I need to do a little less, have better focus, and eat a little more.

This NYTimes article has been a great reminder to break tasks and projects down into small, doable actions, rather than look at the whole thing with a big question mark. Let’s just say I needed to hear it when a friend passed it my way! I’m looking forward to trying out some new things this weekend (wish me luck!) and I’m doing my best to not get overwhelmed.

And did you catch this hilarious skit on SNL? I’ve been singing it all week to brighten these chilly days and lighten the mood. I was also so happy to read this article, naming Time’s Person of the year as the women who have spoken out against powerful men.

The cold weather has really come in strong, and my cat doesn’t do much but snuggle in his bed and scowl through the bottom pane of glass on our back door. I think he’s got the right idea, so while I may be busy online, I plan on being snuggled up under a blanket by a roaring fire for much of the weekend. Resting and recharging is my goal!

What are your plans?

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