6 Links to Brighten Your Week

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She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and I’ve picked out a couple of things to motivate you before your brain checks out for the week!

1. In need of table inspiration for your Friendsgiving? Look no further than this Instagram.

2. Serena Williams looking incredible on her wedding day.

3. Would love to make this garland for any occasion.

4. A creamy kale salad that will give you a reason to eat healthy this Turkey Day.

5. Man Repeller’s candid interview with the girl with the brows.

6. Beautiful rooftop photographs of Paris at night.

Even if you have no clue how to set your table, what sides your cooking, or where you’re decorating, I hope you can find enjoyment in planning the holiday. If not, you could always grow out your brows and make them the table-scape everyone talks about. Hope you have a great one!

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