Have a Great Weekend!

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She's So Bright - Have A Great Weekend
Gorgeous fall tones <3

Lately I’ve been sitting by the fireplace a lot. Jon makes a giant roaring fire and we sit there for a few hours reading, or working, with a hot cup of tea and a few biscuits. It’s just as cozy as it sounds, and while I’m sad fall is ending, tea by the fire is the best way to welcome the holiday season!

I’m in charge of the rolls for my family’s Thanksgiving potluck next week, so this weekend I’m experimenting with a few bread recipes. I thought it’d be fun to make them from scratch, rather than from Pillsbury cans which have been an easy (albeit delicious) go-to for the past several years. I’m excited to try a range of recipes, from no-kneed popover rolls to cheddar & sage biscuits, and while I’m hoping the biscuits are a huge success, it’s a mystery as to what recipe will be the winner. And who knows, maybe I’ll make more than one type, and then wrap a few in my napkin during dinner to save for later. We all know the biscuits are everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving anyway – so forget the turkey, the real star this year will be the rolls!

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing break over the next few days. It will be the calm before the storm of food shopping, plate settings, and family or friends filling your home. Take some time for yourself to work on a project you’ve been meaning to finish, or to finally put away that box that has been lingering in the hallway. Then take a hot bath and think about decorating the table. Those are pretty much my plans, anyway! What will you be up to?

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