6 Links to Brighten Your Week

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She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week November 2017

Well, it’s Monday again, so that means we’re all need of a little feel-good elixir I like to call 6 Links to Brighten Your Week! While I wish I could bottle each formula and send it out directly to those in need of a joyful boost, you’ll have to settle for these links that will hopefully do the trick. I love finding uplifting things on the internet and I’m a firm believer that they can brighten your spirits, clear the cobwebs around your heart, and set you off on a rainbow journey of inspiration. Uh oh – it sounds like I’ve been caught drinking a little too much of my own elixir over here! But seriously, grab your coffee and take a look at these great picks!

1. Say hello to Suki the Adventure Cat – a photogenic Bengal that follows its owners on big adventures. Check out their adorable Instagram!

2. Can someone have a holiday party, invite me, and then make some of these delicious, salty snacks? I’m suddenly having a craving…

3. A small collection of Nina Leen’s incredible fashion photography.

4. Balloon Poetry that leaves you a little teary.

5. The essay “Tomorrow Is a BIG DAY For Me” pretty much sums up my daily optimism.

6. Surrealist photos by the NYC based artist Brooke DiDonato will leave you feeling inspired.

While we can’t all own adventure cats (Ernie doesn’t even like to be picked up!), we can at least enjoy how fearless one little kitty can be! Know that you left a mark, take a handful of a homemade snack mix, and head into the week like everyday is a BIG DAY! Have a great one!

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