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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend
Twinkle lights under the Brooklyn Bridge

I don’t have social anxiety by any means, but I sometimes have a problem getting out in the world. I come from a big family, so when I have time to be alone I usually grab it, opting for a quiet evening reading a book, rather than a night out in New York City. But lately I haven’t felt as satisfied staying in, and while I never get the dreaded fear of missing out (or FOMO as the internet folk call it), I feel like my hesitancy to be social is not a habit I should nurture.

When I was in high school and college, it was always par for the course to stay in and watch a movie by myself. I loved the peace, and given that I’m not a drinker, I never particularly fit in anyway. But as I’m working on improving this blog, and eager to see and experience more of, well…everything, I want to make a better effort to push myself into new things. When we travel, I’m constantly on the go, and I absolutely love it. But when I’m at home, I don’t feel like it’s necessary to do as much. So as someone who leans towards being a homebody (I cringe at that word), I’m really happy to start making a better effort. As my confidence has grown, I’m finding activities to do, restaurants I want to try, and places I have to visit.

That’s why I feel really good this week – I’ve been breaking out of my comfort zone, making plans, and getting more out of my social life. I can easily be a workaholic, and can be glued to a computer at home, so it’s important that I work harder to overcome bad habits and get more out of my everyday life. I visited a local art fair last week, then headed into Brooklyn to a photography exhibition in Dumbo, went to see Swan Lake with my sister at the NYC Ballet, and even popped into Manhattan for a quick bite after a busy day working from home. It’s not a full schedule by any means, but given that I can go weeks at a time not doing much outside of work, it’s a great step.

So this weekend I’ll be celebrating the little things: the small victory of challenging myself, the sense of accomplishment when a DIY project is turning out well, and the satisfaction of keeping up with my to-do list. I hope your weekend brings you lots of these small wins, along with a pleasant break to catch up on your favorite Netflix show. Have a great one!

Have you ever felt like you don’t get out enough, or that you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend

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