My Back-To-School Wish List

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She's So Bright - Back-To-School Wish List

Even though I’m well out of school, I still feel the atmosphere of a fresh start each time September rolls around. When I was a kid, my favorite part of back-to-school was picking up new pencils and FiveStar notebooks, excited for the blank slate of a new school year ahead. It felt like no matter what, when this time rolled around, my best intentions were out and I couldn’t help but feel optimistic about classes, sports, and seeing all my friends again.

Each fall, I promised myself I would take immaculate notes with colorful gel pens, highlight every important passage of my assigned reading, and carefully organize my homework into a pristine binder. While that effort usually wore off sometime in October, I love everything that the start of a new school year brings.

It’s time to get back on track! Here are some of my favorite picks for us adults feeling nostalgic for back-to-school:

1. Baggu School Backpack in Fawn – Light, practical, and in a chic neutral, this nylon bag would easily go with anything and everything. A considerable upgrade from the L.L.Bean backpacks of yesteryear!

2. Get to Work Book – I wrote about this awesome planner back in January, and now that we’re more than halfway through the year, I can tell you it’s a miracle. If you’re like me and like to write lists everyday and be able to see your schedule in real life, I would not suggest starting any school year (or small business) without it!

3. Moglea Notepad Set – I’ve been a fan of Moglea for years and I can never get enough of their unique, abstract style. These notepads are no exception!

4. Hay Bullet Pen – I am obsessed with these gold pens. They are inexpensive and write with the most satisfying rollerball you can imagine. I’ve only managed to pick them up overseas before now, but I’m happy to see they’re making their way into the states!

5. Meri Meri Paper Clips – Little tassels on the end of paper clips? Where do I sign up?

6. 13” Macbook Pro in Space Gray – Because you can’t start a new school year, without a sleek laptop. Duh! While this computer isn’t quite up to the level of power I need to do photo editing and design work, it’s much smaller and lighter than my big ol’ 15 inch. A girl can dream, can’t she?

7. Rifle Paper Mermaid Notebooks – I love the colors and illustrations on this pair of jotters, perfect for creative writing or daily journaling.

8. Three Potato Four Letter Board – These are so fun and versatile. Use them for motivation, quotes, humor, or whatever tickles your fancy! I’m seriously considering one for my office.

9. Cat Tape Dispenser – A cute way to store Washi tape on your desk. My tuxedo cat, Ernie, would definitely approve!

10. Schoolhouse Electric Clock – Got to make sure you leave the house on time. This clock is an homage to vintage design and manufacturing, and you’ll enjoy watching it tick past 5 o’clock!

11. Vive Le Feminisme Journal – Because every girl needs to be reminded of this, every day. And it’s in French!

12. Moglea Painted Notebook – Splattered with paint, each notebook feels like a work of art. So pretty that you’ll probably never want to stop working!

13. Chanel Mirror – I always wanted a mirror that fit into my locker, but it never happened, so this is my adult response to that high school disappointment…

14. Mark’s Tous les Jours Mechanical Pencils – I found these first at Le Bon Marché in Paris, but over the years I’ve been lucky enough to find a few at Japanese stationery stores here and there. If you can’t tell by now, I’m pretty serious about stationery, so when I say they’re great for sketching and drafting, I mean it. These are hard to find online, but find them I did!

Now, after writing all about my schoolyard picks, I am daydreaming of young Eva, class bound, with a backpack full of notebooks and a head full of dreams. These items have me so excited for fall and for refocusing through to the end of the year (or at least to October, anyway!).  I hope they’ve got you feeling ready to take on anything, including that zero period physics quiz that you still have nightmares about!

What items get you most excited for fall and back-to-school time? Share with me in the comments below!

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