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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend Early June
At the flower market at Marché Jean-Talon in Montréal

It’s common knowledge that when you come back from a trip, vacation or not, there is an adjustment period. You know – time to get back to your normal schedule, sadness at no longer being somewhere new, and a whole lot of errands and miscellaneous things to catch up on. Well, this week has been one of those times. I’m all discombobulated and disorganized, trying to pull my head out of the fog that seems to be sitting somewhere between my nose and the crown of my head.

New Mexico was a total blast (I’ll be sharing some awesome stories and photos from that trip soon), but between late nights photographing the stars, a few long drives, and early mornings, I simply did not get enough sleep. One night I swear I didn’t sleep at all, freezing under the brown silky comforter of an unfamiliar Airbnb. And while I loved camping, I forgot a pillow and slept on an air mattress that screamed to high heaven every time I wiggled. But despite some of those restless moments, I functioned just fine on the trip – pumped full of Holy Spirit Espresso from the heart of Santa Fe. (Jon drinks decaf, so I have no clue how he managed).

I was okay for a few days upon our return, but then I just simply crashed. Several days of catching up on the zZz’s didn’t much help and I was hit with extreme fatigue and a nice migraine to top it off. While I do chalk most of this up to tiredness from the trip, I was a little concerned when I didn’t bounce back right away. It’s made me look a little harder at my habits and whether I’m giving myself enough good fuel every day. Lately I’m thinking my diet is lacking in vegetables (which I love), protein (which I forget) and, well, simply lacking in food all together. It’s normal for me to not eat anything until 1 in the afternoon, which probably isn’t great. A friend suggested the altitude change could have given my system a little jolt (it’s 7,198 feet above sea level), which I didn’t consider. I’m also suspicious of this cool, Seattle-esque weather we’re having – which after warm, sunny days in Santa Fe has left me feeling a little blue.

I love to travel, so I hope I can find a better way to handle the comings and goings, the airplane motion sickness, and the jet lag a little better. I think the promise of sunny days this weekend will turn my spirits around, so I guess I should grab a coffee and head for the patio to soak up some rays.

Have a great weekend!

Do you struggle with readjusting after travel? Share your tips with me in the comments below!

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