Happy Easter Weekend!

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She's So Bright - Happy Easter Weekend!
One of my favorite bunny illustrations from my greeting card line Fat Bunny Press

Easter weekend is always a nice time. I have sisters visiting, with egg hunts planned for my nieces and nephews, cookies will be baked, and we’ll all end up eating too many bagels and sweets as usual. While the holiday no longer has a religious meaning for me (I mostly consider it a bunny day featuring pastel decorations), it’s a fun tradition that makes a nice excuse to celebrate the budding of spring with people I love.

We have our contractor coming today to do minor finishes to my studio and then I can finally move back in. Last week Jon, unhappy with the closet shelves in the room, ripped them out, fixed the plaster and built me four perfect shelves for storage. He even organized all our gear into little boxes. I’m looking forward to having a space dedicated to the blog, where I can practice my photography and it’ll be nice to not share the room with a kitchen from the 1980’s (stay tuned, I plan to post the transformation). Our main tripod took a beating in Iceland and needed some slight repairs, so I’m waiting for that to be returned soon. Then I will be up and running again, rather than a little distracted with stuff all over the place. Things strewn about the house is never my style, so I’m excited to put everything back in its place and dive into some spring cleaning!

And with that, I hope your weekend is full of festive and colorful celebrations, even if that means snagging a handful of Cadbury Creme Eggs and calling it a day. Even my cat, Ernie, will be snacking on a little ham, his favorite treat!

Do you have anything special planned? What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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