Is It Still the Weekend?

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She's So Bright - Is It Still the Weekend?
This morning I’m like…

After many years of working on my own businesses, often from home, I rarely take a real weekend. My breaks are throughout the normal day, but I don’t usually take Saturdays and Sundays to fully unwind and recharge – those days are for getting a head start on the week ahead. I don’t mind it because I think about She’s So Bright all the time, coming up with ideas for posts, editing photos and catching ideas as they fly out of my head late at night. But I admit, like all normal people, it would be better if I could finish all of my work during the week and then turn off at 5 o’clock on Friday.

Well this weekend was a nice change for me! I didn’t think much about the blog (which may be why I’m a little late with this post!), and I spent the time well: prepping our taxes, helping Jon paint my studio closet (he built me shelves), hanging out with my sister who was in town visiting from Pasadena, and sitting outside enjoying the weather and making plans for all the nice days to come. I watched the first episode of Big Little Liars on HBO – which was a celebration in itself because I literally have not seen a real TV show in about a month. I even made guacamole!

And so, while I’m reluctant to say goodbye to such a wonderful and productive weekend, I am thrilled that we have crossed the threshold of winter and are now headed directly for a glorious spring. My cat is basking at my feet as we speak, and I plan on doing as much blogging as I can from my patio. What is it about spring that makes every day feel like a vacation?

With Bob Marley playing on repeat and the sun on my toes, I wish you a great start to the week!

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