Patiently Waiting for Spring

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She's So Bright - Patiently Waiting for Spring
At the Palais-Royal, Paris

It’s always darkest before the dawn, or that’s what I keep telling myself while I am snowed in with everyone else after this East Coast blizzard. A few days ago, I swear I saw buds on my magnolia tree, and now I can’t see the driveway. Spring is technically only five days away so it’s natural to be daydreaming about warm breezes and bright green grass. But what do flowers look like again, I can’t remember? Wasn’t that hail I saw yesterday? Paris and London have weather in the 60’s, while it’s 21 degrees today with 30 mile per hour gusts. It’s clear we’re still in a deep freeze.

I’ve been terrible about staying cooped up this winter and haven’t been out nearly as much as I’d like. On top of that, I was too eager with the clothing sales and now have a pile of floral dresses and shoes collecting dust and reminding me that it’s not yet warm. I’m literally counting down the days until I can be outside everyday photographing flowers, walking in New York City, and reading the newspaper on the patio with the sun in my eyes.

After making a last-minute order for crampons (fingers crossed we don’t fall into a glacier!) I’m nearly set for our upcoming trip to Iceland. It’s warmer in Reykjavík than it is here, and while the spring patterns are teasing me, I’m well prepared for the cold with arctic jackets and thermal underwear. There’s a lot of outdoor landscapes to see and we’ll be photographing everyday, so despite the chilly weather, it will still feel like a vacation (and you know I’ve got my eye on those geothermal springs). I’m hoping, though, by the time we get back, the temperature will turn and the tulips will be blooming.

Perhaps this big storm is the last bit of the fighting lion said to open March before it goes out like a lamb. Then comes the pastel colors of April. The days will start to get longer, you can shed the scarf and gloves, and birds will chirp in the early morning hours. It will be a new beginning, a renewal, a fresh start, which after a long, dark winter, is what we all need.

But, no matter when it comes. I’ll wait, as patiently as I can, for you, spring.

Have you seen any sign of spring where you live?

She's So Bright - Patiently Waiting for Spring
I’ll sit here all day if I have to!

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