Fortune Favors the Bold

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She's So Bright - Fortune Favors the Bold
Jumping off the cliff is scary but exhilarating. Image via.

I’ve been thinking about this quote for a while. In fact, I’ve been considering it for a little over a month now.

Fortune favors the bold.

I guess it means that for those of us standing in the shadows, fortune is less likely to shine a light on our darkened frames. I’ve been a bit of wallflower most of my life, not really odd enough to have a lot of quirk, but never cool enough to set the trend. So as I’m working on this blog, producing more articles, strategizing on growth, I’m thinking more and more about what makes me different – how can I be bold?

There’s two paths leading to being bold: one from not knowing or acknowledging risk, and the other from knowing too much about failure, disappointment, and unmet potential. I am in the second category, though I’d prefer to be a member of the first. For me, bold means embracing who I am, without the filter and restraint of insecurity and without the limitations of other’s expectations. It’s almost like going deeper into yourself, stirring up the bright colors until they build and explode out of you.

Everyone knows someone who is nearly fearless. Some take physical risks, like jumping from cliffs without knowing what’s below, others have a calling to dress outrageously, and then some might live in their own unique way on the fringe. I admire those people, and boldness favors them. They have stories, dark secrets, direction even when there seems to be none.

As I sit from behind my computer lately, I recognize that I need to be bolder, to push myself outside my cozy comfort zone and dive into the freezing water below. Time is fleeting, so I really should get out there and be more myself. Let’s figure out where we are hiding and what it reveals about our insecurities and fears. I’ve seen braver folks than I, with less reason to be so brave, stand up and shout from the top of their lungs who they are.

Fortune favors the bold.

I’m taking baby steps, but lately I think I should just try to jump off that cliff.

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