The Only New Years Resolutions Worth Having

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She's So Bright - New Years Resolutions 2017
Bacon for breakfast the morning after our wedding

“Resolution number one: Obviously will lose twenty pounds. Number two: Always put last night’s panties in the laundry basket.” ~ Bridget Jones

What is it about New Years Resolutions that get people so excited? I’ve never spent much time on them, preferring to muddle on with the same old things I was working on the previous year. So for a nice change, this year, I decided to break with my tradition and put one together. Here it goes:

1. Become a better photographer. I’ve already improved in the past year, but I’m now starting to really take it seriously. This means continuing to use my iPhone and Fuji cameras with programs like Photoshop, but also getting the hang of a DSLR and Capture One’s software for working with RAW files.

2. Travel as much as I can. Iceland is booked, but there are many more trips I’d like to take this year, including simple day trips or short weekends within driving distance. I want to get better at making plans to get out and do things, and the best way I know how is to go somewhere.

3. Lose a little weight. Okay, this one is super lame. EVERYONE wants to loose weight! I’ve been working with a trainer and am stronger than I have been for many years, so I just want to take it up a notch. I’ve been leveling up in Pilates and I want to see some greater results – that comes from cutting some of the junk and exercising a few more times a week. Simple as that!

4. Fight for the things I believe in. That means calling politician’s offices to voice my concerns, donating to causes I support, and showing up to work towards change.

5. Read more. I think I went about 3 years without reading much and I can tell you, my brain suffered. I’ve got a stack of books on my desk about a foot high, a couple of New Yorkers strewn about, and I’m ready to dig into everything. It already helps that I barely watch TV.

6. Capture my time better. Some days I lose hours to social media or browsing online, other times I stretch a project out longer than it needs to be. This year I’d like to be more in control of where my time is going and put it into work. There’s a fun little quote I read earlier today that seems to fit: create more, consume less.

7. Do a hand stand. So, this is more of a childhood goal I’ve always wanted to do. Growing up I was tall for my age, never had strong arms, and my center of mass was always out of wack which caused me to knock into things constantly. I didn’t want to be a gymnast or anything, but I could never do a handstand or a pull up and that really bothered me. To me, a handstand represents ultimate strength – makes me think of rugged climbers doing a one-handed stand on the side of a mountain top or something. I’ve already got a good jackknife going so even if my bestie has to hold my feet over my head, this is the year I’m doing it!

8. Be patient. This one applies to everything. Patient with work, people, situations, etc. I think it’s always a good goal.

9. Reach out. I’m a bit of an introvert, so while I have trouble meeting new people, I also never reach out much to old friends. I’d like to change that.

10. Do things for others. Whether that’s spending time listening to a friend, helping a family member with something, or showing acts of kindness to strangers, I’d like to make more of an effort to do things for those around me.

I’m pretty happy with this list, and while I’m already making progress on most of these, it feels good to write them down as real goals. In my opinion there’s no real sense in putting together a few pie-in-the-sky dreams – that will just make you feel bad at the end of the year – so it’s best to stick to things you’re already really motivated to accomplish. Everyone knows the only New Years Resolutions worth having are the ones you’re actually going to keep!

By the way, if you’re needing some New Years motivation, Bridget Jones’s Diary is back on Netflix!

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