Thoughts for the Christmas Weekend

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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Christmas Weekend
Baby it’s cold outside! Illustration via.

Christmas is almost here and I’m making my final runs around town for last minute gifts. Presents are scattered in boxes on my office floor waiting to be wrapped, and my cat is getting more and more crazy about being stuck inside because of the cold.

Once again it feels like the holidays came on in a rush, and once more I’m not quite prepared for the season to come and go. This year, I think it’s important to slow down, detach yourself from social media, hang up your apps, and be present. Whether that’s visiting family, taking time for yourself, or hiding in your sister’s closet trying to get a few minutes alone while dessert is being served. However you manage it, we all deserve a little peace this year.

Hope you have a wonderful, happy weekend! <3

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