Our Next Trip is Booked: Iceland in March!

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She's So Bright - Our Next Trip is Booked: Iceland in March
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So excited to announce that we’ve just booked a trip to Iceland! I’ve been dying to go for a while now, and it certainly wasn’t helping to see photos from Facebook friends who had recently visited. Even National Geographic’s Instagram account was taunting me! Well, now I’ll finally join the club and head out into the snowy, etherial landscape. Thankfully I can say Reykjavík correctly, which wasn’t quite the case a few years ago.

The Northern Lights are the main reason I’ve wanted to visit Iceland. I’ve dreamt of looking up at those wispy green lines for so long, I almost think they don’t exist! Lucky for me, Jon, AKA the best planner known to man, has done all the math to make sure we’re well positioned for viewing them. We’re hitting the island during the spring equinox in March. It will be cold, but the days aren’t as short as the rest of Iceland’s winter, and there’s usually a peak viewing of the Lights around that time.

I may also be just a teeny, tiny, bit looking forward to the thermal springs. Okay, very looking forward to that! I can’t think of anything better than being warm and cozy and looking out at an awesome, frozen landscape. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Blue Lagoon, being a tourist trap and all, but purely from a photography point of view, I need to go. I’m hoping that it’s just one of many soaking spots along the trip!

I know there are many other things to see including glaciers, cute horses, and black beaches, so we plan to pack the trip full of activities! We’re amping up our photography gear and taking some classes to be better equipped to catch all that Iceland has to offer. We also have to be prepared for the weather, so I’m happy to have significant time to find proper jackets and rugged shoes. It’s going to be one big adventure and I cannot wait!

Have you been to Iceland? Let me know your favorite spots in the comments below!

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