October Girl Crush: Christine McConnell

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Christine McConnell carrying some of her desserts
Image by Christine McConnell

What can’t I say about Christine McConnell? She is stunning, clever, deeply creative and my current girl crush for October – right in time for Halloween! A woman after my own heart, McConnell is a photographer, baker, and artist, whose mix of vintage & spooky self-portraits literally make me giddy.

Christine McConnell vintage cakes
Christine McConnell baked a cake
Christine McConnell self portrait
Christine McConnell decorating a cake of her parent's house
Decorating a cake of her parent’s house

About a year ago, I was browsing reddit and came across this photo series that had made it to the top of the user-voted-site. McConnell’s witty, Halloween/Jason online date was both silly and gruesome, simultaneously picturesque, and unexpectedly ended with a sculpted hockey-mask homemade cake! Since then Christine has popped up randomly when I’m browsing online, but it’s only recently that I’ve really taken her all in.

Christine McConnell drinking poison
Obsessed with her monumental hair volume – like WOW!
Christine McConnell with a baked facehugger
Okay, this one is pretty scary – but guess what? That facehugger is edible!
Christine McConnell levitating in Salem, Massachusetts
Levitating in Salem, Massachusetts – did I mention she also loves her cats?
Christine McConnell with presents

Like most people, I can sometimes get a bit down seeing someone living up to their fullest potential. It can be both overwhelming and discouraging, especially when you feel like you’re just finding your footing. But when it comes to Christine McConnell, I find her simply inspiring.

I deeply admire the patience it takes to design and execute her impressive desserts, I’m motivated by her boundless creativity, and I’m awed by her vision. My creative heroes tend toward people who construct something out of thin air, and whether it’s decorating her parent’s house for Halloween or shooting a self-portrait with interchangeable heads, she is literally doing just that. I too have a strong attraction to vintage era colors and fashions, know how to make things with my hands, and enjoy the wonder and romance of setting a scene. While I haven’t quite found how exactly these things come together for myself (this blog is on the way to figuring it out, by the way), I look to women like McConnell to see the limitless possibilities.

Christine McConnell decorating a gingerbread orphanage for Tim Burton's upcoming film
Decorating a gingerbread orphanage for Tim Burton’s new movie
Christine McConnell's incredible pumpkin pie
Yep, that’s a pumpkin pie carriage!
She also makes her own dresses…
Christine McConnell Christmas dresses
…for Christmas!
Christine McConnell using a vintage hairdryer
One of my favorite photos

I read somewhere that Christine dropped out of high school, and only learned to bake in the last few years. It’s incredible what a determined mind, YouTube decorating videos, and a whole lot of creativity can do. It has really got me itching to start a few, more ambitious, projects of my own!

If you haven’t yet, take a note of my tagline: “the fine line between smart and pretty.” It’s a hard balance to find, but Christine McConnell’s work is the perfect combination of both. I can’t wait to see more of her magic, and I have a feeling she’s only just getting started!

Following Christine McConnell on Instagram is a real treat! Also be sure to check out her book, Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad!

Christine McConnell for Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

All photos via Christine McConnell’s flickr.

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