Happy Easter Weekend!

She's So Bright - Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend is always a nice time. I have sisters visiting, with egg hunts planned for my nieces and nephews, cookies will be baked, and we’ll all end up eating too many bagels and sweets as usual. While the holiday no longer has a religious meaning for me (I mostly …

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The Perfect Stress-Reducing Care Package

She's So Bright - The Perfect Stress-Reducing Care Package

I have the most wonderful young cousin. She’s a sophomore in college, sweet, bright and completely energized. Like most college students, she is a member of many clubs, has a full course load and is part of campus social life. With all that going on, she quickly found herself a …

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Where in the World Do You Come From?

She's So Bright - Where in the World Do You Come From?

There’s a viral video on DNA ancestries that has been making the rounds on Facebook recently. A group of 67 individuals from all over the world are interviewed about their ethnic background. Each person seems both proud of their heritage and incredibly patriotic, one saying “I think we probably are the …

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Apple Picking at Wightman’s Farm – The Outfit

She's So Bright - Apple Picking at Wightman's Farm - The Outfit

My family goes apple picking every year. We leave our respective homes in the tri-state area and make the trek into the country to enjoy the fall. We eat old-fashioned donuts, sip hot apple cider, and steal each other’s pickles-on-a-stick. It’s one of my favorite traditions and as my nieces and nephews …

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