The Wonder of the Northern Lights

She's So Bright - The Wonder of the Northern Lights

When planning our trip to Iceland, I wanted to have the best possible chance to see the Northern Lights. You’re never guaranteed a show, but Jon thought by visiting at the most active time for the lights – the vernal equinox – we would have a good chance. During the …

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Into the Ice Caves of Vatnajökull

She's So Bright - Into the Ice Caves of Vatnajökull

Vatnajökull glacier is the largest icecap in Iceland, spanning nearly eight percent of the entire island. While driving southeast along the ring road you simply cannot miss the sightings of the huge glacier fingers, called outlet glaciers, of which there are more than 30. They are slowly carving out the …

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Fortune Favors the Bold

She's So Bright - Fortune Favors the Bold

I’ve been thinking about this quote for a while. In fact, I’ve been considering it for a little over a month now. Fortune favors the bold. I guess it means that for those of us standing in the shadows, fortune is less likely to shine a light on our darkened …

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Our Next Trip is Booked: Iceland in March!

She's So Bright - Our Next Trip is Booked: Iceland in March

So excited to announce that we’ve just booked a trip to Iceland! I’ve been dying to go for a while now, and it certainly wasn’t helping to see photos from Facebook friends who had recently visited. Even National Geographic’s Instagram account was taunting me! Well, now I’ll finally join the club and head out …

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Just Watched: Thelma & Louise

She's So Bright - Just Watched: Thelma & Louise

When this movie popped up on my inflight entertainment system, I knew it was finally time to watch it. I’ve seen Thelma & Louise mentioned in buddy movie round ups and as road trip inspiration, but for some reason we had never met. With about 100 films to choose from, …

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